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 The Parliament of PoetsThe Parliament of Poets: An Epic Poem. (reviews below)

Hardcover. ISBN: 9780982677889. eISBN 9780982677865. Earthrise Press, 2012. 294 pages. $23.95.*Free USPS media rate shipping* 5-10 days.

The Parliament of Poets: An Epic Poem takes place partly on the moon, at the Apollo 11 landing site, the Sea of Tranquility, a journey toward healing the psyche of the planet.

Apollo, the Greek god of poetry, calls all the poets of the nations, ancient and modern, East and West, to assemble on the moon to consult on the meaning of modernity. The Parliament of Poets sends the Persona on a Journey to the seven continents to learn from all of the spiritual and wisdom traditions of humankind. On Earth and on the moon, the poets teach him a new global, universal vision of life.

One of the major themes is the power of women and the female spirit across cultures. Another is the nature of science and religion, as well as the “two cultures,” science and the humanities.

blurbsAll the great shades appear at the Apollo 11 landing site in the Sea of Tranquility: Homer and Virgil from the Greek and Roman civilizations; Dante, Spenser, and Milton hail from the Judeo-Christian West; Rumi, Attar, and Hafez step forward from Islam; Du Fu and Li Po, Basho and Zeami, step forth from China and Japan; the poets of the Bhagavad Gita and the Ramayana meet on that plain; griots from Africa; shamans from Indonesia and Australia; Murasaki Shikibu, Emily Dickinson, and Jane Austen, poets and seers of all Ages, bards, rhapsodes, troubadours, and minstrels, major and minor, hail across the halls of time and space.

That transcendent rose symbol of our age, the Earth itself, viewed from the heavens, one world with no visible boundaries, metaphor of the oneness of the human race, reflects its blue-green light into the blackness of the starry universe.

"Very readable and intriguingly enjoyable.... Frederick Glaysher’s hours of dedication have produced a masterpiece that will stand the test of time." Les Merton, Poetry Cornwall, No.36, England.

"A great epic poem of startling originality and universal significance, ingeniously enriching the canon of 'literary epics' while in every way partaking of the nature of world literature. ...Glaysher is in a creative dialog with the greatest epic poets of all time. He is bringing together in beautiful verse form...diverse visions of humanity from all over the world. ...frequently casting them in the form of spatial and cosmic imagery. A pure joy...contemporary 'world literature' at its best." Dr. Hans-George Ruprecht, CKCU Literary News, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada. (Author of over twenty-three books and articles in German, French, and English, on semiotics, Goethe, Thomas Mann, Hugo, Joyce, Borges, Brecht, Doležel, etc. OCLC).

"The Parliament of Poets is one of the most important books of our time. In this grand sweeping epic, Glaysher has managed to live up to the task given to him by The Parliament of Poets. ...a new vision for humanity; one of Unity and Oneness of humankind. ...synthesizing and integrating the great thinkers of all time. ...a tangible vision of our shared humanity. impassioned plea that we WAKE UP before we destroy ourselves and our one precious planet. inspired epic that integrates the ancient wisdom teachings of the world's greatest wisdom teachers and poets. ...a new vision and sense of responsibility towards our shared humanity. An impassioned plea on behalf of humanity that reaches down and grabs the human longing for the Awakened Heart. ...a very important book for our time and a MUST READ!!!!" Tina Benson, Amazon Review; Goodreads, California.

"I found this book to be up to the standards set by Homer. ...very thought provoking as it brings into question what humanity is doing to the Earth and each other." —LibraryThing, Texas.

"Glaysher...has shown...that with the right subject matter and the right language, one can create an epic poem even in today's age. ...a beautiful poem that falls off the tongue smoothly. All through this epic poem, the Poet of the Moon is addressing or discussing the Buddhist concept of Itai Doshin or the unity of the mind in the midst of diversity, which is also the concept that underpins the Ubuntu philosophy, which translates into 'I am, because we are'. The poet talks about peaceful coexistence, that oneness of us as a people of the earth and with our environment. He sees rapacious quest for wealth as unhealthy, impacting negatively on us as a people. He believes that everything should be done to advance the course of humanity and not an individual. He believes that science and religion should not be antagonists but should both work to advance the course of humanity. The problem comes when the sole end of scientific research becomes profit. And here one should equally add religion, with regards to the springing up of churches whose ultimate goal is making money for the founders. In effect the poet wants to see the unity of what he calls 'false dichotomies': science and religion, reason and intuition, material and spiritual, white and black, and others. excellent piece of poetry." —Nana Fredua-Agyeman, Accra, Ghana, Africa. ImageNationsGoodreads (2,100 words)

"Certainly wowed the crowd at the library with the performance and the words themselves." Albany Poets News, New York.

"Most of the contemporary poets and critics claim that epic is not suitable for our modern age. But Frederick Glaysher has proven them wrong.... 'The Parliament of Poets' has all the grandeur, all the loftiness and qualities which make an 'effort for an epic' a 'true epic.' In essence, 'The Parliament of Poets' is a song of unity, an audacious declaration that unity does not mean conformity, it means being in harmony. The poet himself is the main character of this epic poem, who travels to the moon, meets a large number of great poets and writers of the world, comes back to earth to have some glimpses of bygone times. Throughout the entire journey, many poets, writers, sages guide the poet and share their invaluable knowledge and insights. " —Ratul Pal, Bangladesh, Goodreads.

"AWESOME BOOK!! This was ordered as a gift and I have to admit I had a hard time letting it go! Highly recommend both the book and the seller!" Stanleys Mom, Amazon Review

The Grove of the Eumenides: Essays on Literature, Criticism, and Culture.

“New Titles Elected for Essay and General Literature Index,” September 2007, H. W. Wilson Co.

The Grove of the Eumenides

Hardcover. ISBN-13: 9780967042183. ISBN-10: 0967042186. eISBN: 9780982677841. Earthrise Press, 2007. 337 pages. $23.95. Buy Here.*Free USPS media rate shipping* 5-10 days. There are used-book sellers offering copies on Amazon as though they were new. Buy new from Barnes & Noble, if not here.

East and West meet in a new synthesis of a global vision of humankind—ranging over classic literature, ancient and modern, both Western and non-Western, from the dilemmas of modernity in Yeats, Eliot, Milosz, Bellow, Dostoevsky, to Lu Xun, Ryuichi Tamura, Kenzaburo Oe, Naguib Mahfouz, R. K. Narayan, among others, from mimesis and deconstruction to the United Nations, with extensive essays on Chinese, Japanese, and South-Asian literature. Glaysher invokes a global vision beyond the prevailing conceptions of life and literature that have become firmly entrenched in contemporary world culture. Acutely perceptive of the spiritual and moral nuances of literature, criticism, and culture, Glaysher confronts the loss of religious faith in the modern world and breaks through to a vision of the unity of the human longing for transcendence. The New York Review of Books

"Poet Frederick Glaysher in these essays comments on a variety of literary and social issues, ranging from the plays of Sophocles, and the major works of Japanese literature, to the loss of religion and spirituality in modern society and literature." “New Titles Elected for Essay and General Literature Index,” H. W. Wilson Co.

"Intriguing because I stop and think about his arguments. What is the role of the universal, of epic poetry, and how has postmodernism dealt with mimesis? Scholarly, well-substantiated arguments, with a wealth of materials that challenge precepts you might have about "value" of a writer/writing/cultural contributions." Kitty Jospe, Goodreads 

The Bower of Nil: A Narrative Poem.

Section I of III, online

Hardcover. Earthrise Press, 2002. Reverberations. ISBN-10: 0967042178. ISBN-13: 9780967042176. eISBN: 9780982677827. 71 pages. $21.95.*Free USPS media rate shipping* 5-10 days.

Moving beyond Postmodernism, overturning the nihilism of Nietzsche, Peter Marsh, an academic philosopher, weighs modern life in a conversation with his friend, David Emerson, a businessman. Brought together after long separation by the brutal murder of Mary, Peter’s wife, a time of devastating loss and crisis, their friendship inspires a dark night of the soul, during which Peter’s meditations range over several hundred years of philosophy, politics, religion, social change, the dilemmas of existence, evoking a vision of the complexities of the 21st Century, the United Nations, and global governance.

Softcover. Earthrise Press, 2009. 71 pages. ISBN-10: 0967042143. ISBN-13: 9780967042145. $14.95.*Free USPS media rate shipping* 5-10 days.

Into the Ruins: Poems.

Into the RuinsHardcover. Preface. Earthrise Press, 1999. 73 pages. ISBN-10: 0967042127. 13-ISBN: 9780967042121. $19.95.*Free USPS media rate shipping* 5-10 days.

Beyond Postmodernism, overturning the nihilism of the age, Into the Ruins confronts much of the human experience left out of the balance by postmodern poetry, often compared to the Alexandrians and the Neoterics, when writers similarly concentrated on the minor themes of personal life, while ignoring the challenging experience of the public realm. Suffused with a global tragic vision, into the ruins of the 20th Century, Glaysher has his gaze fixed firmly on the 21st.

Into the RuinsSoftcover. Preface. Earthrise Press, 2009. ISBN-10: 0967042194. ISBN-13: 9780967042190. 73 pages. $14.95.*Free USPS media rate shipping* 5-10 days.


Crow Hunting: Songs of Innocence. An eChapbook.

eChapbook. Preface. Earthrise Press, 2010. 26 pages. ISBN 9780967042152. $7.99. BUY at any of the ebooksellers listed above.

An eChapbook of nine poems written after such mystic poets as Henry Vaughan, Blake, Bryant, Emerson, Basho, Hafez, Attar, Rumi, and Tagore.

From the Preface: ". . . so I sought in words of poetry to intimate to an age of doctrinaire nihilism that God still exists, calls us always, if only we will pray and listen to Her."

Letters from the American Desert: Signposts of a Journey, A Vision.

Hardcover. ISBN: 9780967042114. 0967042119. Preface. Earthrise Press, 2008. 172 pages. $21.95.*Free USPS media rate shipping* 5-10 days.

In Letters from the American Desert, Glaysher reflects on the cultural, political, and religious history of Western and non-Western civilizations, pondering the dilemmas of postmodernity. 

Fully cognizant of the relativism and nihilism of modern life, Glaysher finds a deeper meaning and purpose for the individual and the world community in the writings and global vision of Baha'u'llah, as expressed in "The Universal Principles of the Reform Bahai Faith." Confronting the antinomies of the soul, grounded in the dialectic, Glaysher charts a path beyond the postmodern desert. 

Alluding to Martin Luther and W. B. Yeats at All Souls Chapel, "metaphors for poetry," Glaysher meditates on the universal, moderate form of the Bahai Teachings as interpreted by Abdul-Baha, who had spoken throughout the West in Europe, England, and the United States from 1911 to 1913. Abdul-Baha's message of the oneness of God, all religions, and humankind holds out a new hope and vision for a world in spiritual and global crisis. 

Far from a theocracy, the Reform Bahai Faith envisions a separation of church and state as the will of God, in harmony and balance with universal peace, in a global age of permanent pluralism, in a world of multiplicity, where religion is a distinctive mark of the individual, not of collective, communal identity.

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